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Foreclosure hit by scrappers

Shared 3 hours ago
by Jonathan LS Zimmerman

I was dispatched to a foreclosed home to check over the system before the potential buyer signed the contract. This is what was left of the 2013 Trane system…

Trane gam air handler

Shared 20 hours ago
by HVAC Hacks

What is in this drain pan ?




Shared 7 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

What causes this


Trane condenser

Shared 21 hours ago
by HVAC Hacks

How do you remove your condensers

Tree limb fell during storm

Shared 7 days ago
by Likearoc


Furnace / Hydronics

Worst boiler install ever

Shared 4 days ago
by Jesse Fagen

New building owner “I think it’s a water heater thingy, can you see what all it does and make it work?” FML

Gas furnace

Shared 5 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

Why would you put it way up there


Trane package unit

Shared 2 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

Gotta really watch those high pressure drain lines

Somebody didnt study the cut sheets

Shared 7 days ago
by Likearoc

Original units were Trane. Changed to carrier with curb adapters which turned units 90degrees and into exhaust fan…