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Not HVAC ,Still a hack

Shared 3 hours ago

You had one job !!

Outside duct

Shared 19 hours ago
by HVAC Hacks

Going outside then in barely wrapped



No filter back grill

Shared 20 hours ago
by HVAC Hacks

no grill no problom



Shared 2 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

Hope they have tags on them

Trane’s new fan motor

Shared 3 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

I hate snakes at least it’s dead

Furnace / Hydronics

Trent reznor

Shared 3 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

If they all had cooler names

Worst boiler install ever

Shared 1 week ago
by Jesse Fagen

New building owner “I think it’s a water heater thingy, can you see what all it does and make it work?” FML


Wut? wth lol

Shared 3 days ago
by Jesse Whitelaw

look drain

Trane package unit

Shared 5 days ago
by HVAC Hacks

Gotta really watch those high pressure drain lines