Want More? Ask for More.

A little more here. A little more there. And sooner or later, you end up with a whole lot more. That’s the work of the upsell. And here’s how to do it right:

Tap into your customers’ motivations. People don’t make purchases solely based on price. That’s one of the biggest myths in contracting. People make purchases based on ingrained psychological triggers such as:

  • Desire for gain Their benefit/gain when purchase is made.
  • Fear of loss What will happen if they don’t buy a time-sensitive issue?
  • Comfort and convenience The ease to purchase.
  • Security and protection They don’t want unexpected repair bills.
  • Satisfaction of emotion Customers want to know that they made the right buying decision.
  • Pride of ownership This is a version of keeping up with the Joneses. There’s comfort in status and knowing they own “the best,” and got it from “the best” contractor.

How can your upsell serve these needs? You can find that out when you…

Ask questions. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by just how many contractors expect an upsell to fall into their laps without this important step. And it’s so simple. One sentence can be a game-changer in your per-ticket sales: “While I’m here, are there any other problems you’ve been experiencing?” Or, you can be more specific to nail the prospect down to a particular upsell. Questions like these can start putting more dollars on your bottom line almost instantly:

“Have you noticed your power bill increasing recently?” (Energy saving)

The idea is to create a win-win situation. That’s why it’s easier to get the upsell after you’ve presented the value of your offer. For example, you wouldn’t offer an IAQ check before your pitch for the service has been accepted. Why? Because then your prospect might consider the offer as the solution to their problem rather than an added value. They lose, and so do you. So be confident and smart when you…

Offer solutions. That’s really your business – to solve the issues your customers and prospects are facing in the home. Since they’ve called you, you presumably have the product or service to meet that need. Once you’ve done so, their confidence in you is the perfect opening for the upsell. It gives them more value and comfort, and gives you more on your bottom line. Like I said, a win-win.

Remember, you can prime the upsell before you ever speak to the customer. You can mention your maintenance agreement program in your confirmation email after your CSR sets the appointment. For customers who schedule an appointment online, you can feature an offer on the confirmation page. Creating curiosity in the upsell before your techs get to the home will greatly increase a techs closing ratio on the upsell.

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